Q: What do I need to do for the session?  How do I prepare?

A: Once you have booked your session, I will be emailing you a link to an online pdf that details what you can do to prepare for the session.  It has information like my studio address, what to wear, what to bring, when baby should be kept awake, and more.  After reading this pdf my clients feel confident and ready for their session.

Q: I live in the Portland area and your studio is in Salem – is it too far for me?

A: It’s not!  Don’t let the distance keep you from booking your newborn session with me.  The majority of my clients come from the Portland, Tigard, Lake Oswego, Beaverton areas.  Salem is about 45 min south.  I like to start my sessions at 10:00am and the reason for this is two fold.  First I have found that babies tend to be less fussy in the morning hours.  Second, traveling between 9 and 10am is traffic free.  The bulk of the morning traffic is over by this time and you are going in the right direction.  My clients tell me time and time again that the drive was easy, stress and traffic free.  Baby sleeps, you get a little peace and quiet and time to talk or zone out on the ride down and home.  The other thing to remember is that a newborn session is largely an event.  You will not drive down and then immediately turn around.  You’ll likely be at my studio for 2-3 hours, then it will be lunch time.  Grab some lunch and enjoy little downtown Salem before hitting the road again.

Q: Can I bring my older child(red)?  What will they do during the session?

A: Absolutely.  When booking a full newborn session – parent, sibling, and family photos are included.  Once you have arrived and set your things down and have been oriented to the studio we will work on getting the family ready and dressed for photos.  I like to photograph the family and siblings first so that then for the rest of the session they are able to play.  I have a play room stocked with a train set and other toys, and lots of books.  Many kiddos don’t want to leave the studio once baby has finished up!  There are also snacks and drinks for you here to keep little ones occupied.

“Katie was so patient and sweet with [my children].  My son especially was very difficult to keep in one spot and posed for the picture, but she still got amazing photos and was very gracious!”

“My two year old probably caused me the most stress!  My advice would be to make sure they have snacks, toys, and are fed and well rested, but other than that just to go with the flow.  My son was not very cooperative but [Katie] still got amazing shots!!  My advice would be to trust Katie!!”

Q: I’ve Just had a baby.  I’m not sure I want to be in the photographs – will I be photographed in a flattering way?

A: I see your beauty.  I know you have insecurities, but let me show you the beautiful woman and mama that I see.  The photos of you and baby will all be cropped in closely and from angles that compliment your figure.  You can even wear yoga pants if you’d like!  Its all from the waist up that is photographed.

“Six days post delivery is not always the easiest time to feel beautiful.  I got up early so I’d have some extra time to get ready, but I say [Katie] worked magic!” 

Q: What is the session like?

A: I try to keep things as stress free as possible.  Baby may need to nurse a few times back to sleep but other than that I try to give mom and dad a break by doing most of the soothing.  Once you are done with your photos you are free to relax, have some coffee, surf on your phone, or read a magazine.  Kiddos are always welcome at the studio.

“They actual session was amazing!  The setup in the studio is perfect for keeping older siblings occupied and Katie is so relaxed and put us right at ease.”

“I was totally thrown off by forgetting my clothes, (gah, who does that?!!) and thought that might affect the shoot, but you made us feel so comfortable from the moment we walked into your studio.  It was honestly probably the most relaxed I felt all week, Ben and I joked your studio felt like a baby spa- so relaxing and welcoming.  Ben and I have called eachother whenever one of us saw a picture on instagram first, both just so excited and so thankful for these pictures.  We cannot thank you enough!  I had meant to mention to you that some of my favorite pictures you take are the detail shots (the hands, feet, toes) and completely forgot, so thank you for including those!”

Q: How will my images be presented?  How will I receive my digital files?

A: About 15 business days after your session I will have your fully edited files ready and will upload them to an online gallery for easy viewing, sharing, and purchasing.  I will email you a link to the gallery.  In the gallery is also where you will download your high resolution digital files using the PIN that I supply to you.

“We have photos from both our newborn sessions all over our house and we love them and get so many compliments on them!”

“I have newborn photos in my dining room, tv room and stairwell!  I finally just switched out newborn photos at my desk to a current one.”

Q:  I see all of the adorable hats and tiebacks on the babies.  Do I need to buy those to bring to my session?

A: Nope!  I have all of that here for your use at the studio.  I follow all kinds of knitters on etsy, instagram, and Facebook and keep the studio well stocked with sweet and natural props.  If you see something that you like just let me know and we can for sure incorporate it into your session.


Q: How do I book my newborn session?

A: Contact Me to book your newborn photography session!  Fill out this quick form and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.  I look forward to hearing from you!